About: The Competition Team is for twirlers who want serious baton twirling training plus the challenge and excitement of competition and performances. Any twirler is eligible to join our competition team. Being a member of the competition team requires a larger time commitment and level of investment from the twirler and their parent/guardian, but also provides many more opportunities for growth and performance. It is of the utmost importance that each twirler and parent read and understand the competition team requirements PRIOR to making a decision to commit to the competition team. Athletes who aspire to be future high school or collegiate feature twirlers are strongly encouraged to twirl competitively.
About: The Performance Team is for twirlers who want to share their love of baton twirling with others in the community. They enjoy the opportunity to learn new tricks and improve twirling technique. The Performance Team is showcased in multiple local performances throughout the year.
About: Taylor's Twirlers also offers private lessons with Coach Taylor and Assistant Coaches Bailey Eidson and Libby Lorenson. One on one instruction accelerates progress. Competition team twirlers are required to take private lessons, where their individual routines are choreographed and cleaned. Performance team twirlers are encouraged to take private lessons, but are not required to do so.