Prestige Dance Company

Prestige Dance Company

PDC’s competitive team is a National Winning group where we not only stress teamwork, confidence, and leadership, but also making priceless memories, creating life long friendships, and always displaying excellence in all aspects of life. Many of our students have gone on to have very successful careers in the dance industry. From receiving full dance scholarships to major universities, earning acceptance on collegiate teams, training with professionals from NYC and LA, dancing on cruise ships, theme parks, and even opening their own studios.

Dance Company

Being a part of PDC’s award winning team is a big commitment and honor! However, we understand that a balance in life is important. Many of our older students are also members of their high school dance teams, musicals, and sports. At PDC we allow you to choose the commitment level that works best for your family and financial situations. An example commitment of a company member would be to take the following required technique classes:
  • Ballet
  • Jazz
  • Tap
  • Turns, Leaps, & Conditioning (TLC)
Students may also chose to take, Modern, Lyrical/Contemporary, Hip Hop, Broadway Bound, Tumbling, etc. (This will depend on the level of commitment and level of experience).
All PDC Dancers are required to attend 1 Convention from our list. Dancers may attend all convention on the list if they would like. Cost and dates TBD, but they are usually around $250 and occur all season. All PDC Dancers will compete at 3 regional competitions in addition to 1 nationals. Competitions may be in Kansas, Oklahoma or Nebraska. Solos, duets and trios will also compete at regional competitions. Entry fees are due for each routine for each competition and must be paid in full by Jan 2020. Any extra solo competitions added must be paid by Jan or dancer will not be signed up.
  • Production routine = $55 * 3 competitions = $165
  • Group routine = $55 * 3 competitions = $165 PER DANCER
  • Duet or Trio = $75 * 3 competitions = $225 PER DANCER
  • Solo = $120 * 3 competitions = $360 PER DANCER
Each PDC Dancer with a prop will have a one-time $35 prop fee for the year. This will be charged to accounts at the beginning of the season.
Costumes will cost on average $100 per dance. Sometimes more, sometimes less. There will be a $100 costume deposit for each dance. You will be charged for one costume deposit each month. For example, a dancer in four dances (including production, groups, solo, duo, trio costumes by Prestige) will be charged:
  • July 10th - costume deposit 1 $100
  • August 10th - costume deposit 2 $100
  • September 10th - costume deposit 3 $100
  • October 10th - costume deposit 4 $100
We are hoping this helps you not get hit with costume fees all at once. You will receive your deposits back in January. Then your exact costume totals with tax will be added to your account. Costume fees cover costume, rhinestones, headpieces and accessories. Some accessories may be used in more than one dance reducing the cost for families.
All PDC Dancers are required to purchase the Competition Jacket, Bags, Required Makeup, A public performance dress/uniform, as well as any specific shoes needed for dances. The Jacket (approximately $90) will be ordered through GTM at the beginning of the Fall season. All PDC Dancers are required to have the PDC hairstyle for all performances. A video will be sent out for hair and make-up at a later date. PDC Dancers are required to be spray-tanned for each performance.
At PDC we believe in giving back to our community. The competitive team is also involved in many community performances.

If you are selected to be a member of the team a Company Handbook will be given to you complete with dates and requirements.

From the young age of 6 to seniors in high school, we have an opportunity for your child to be a part of our competitive team. Every year we hold auditions where existing students as well as new students audition in front of a judging panel to be placed on one of our competitive teams.

If you are new to our studio and plan on auditioning we require you to be enrolled in classes at PDC over the summer as well as attend upcoming summer intesives.