Our Class List

At Prestige there is truly a class for everyone! Dancers of all ages will enjoy our large variety of classes that serve both the Salina and McPherson communities. At PSD you are sure to find a class that best fits your child's interest and schedule. You'll also appreciate how both of our facilities are safe, family friendly and conveniently located. Prestige is a licensed Ballerina Princess, CLI, Acrobat Arts, and Progressive Ballet technique studio. In addition to offering structured, graded technique classes to ensure your dancers progress.

About: Prestige specializes in beginners! We offer a wide variety of children’s classes from Ballet, Tap, Jazz, musical theatre, tumbling, hip hop and more!
Notes: $65.00 costume fee due by November 1st. Balances due by February 8th

First Steps

Ages: 3 year olds
Description:A creative movement class designed to enhance gross motor development, listening skills, musicality, and nurture the creative spirit.

Tutus and Taps

Ages: 3-4 year olds
Description:Introductory class that focuses on the steps and grace of ballet, and the fundamentals of tap.

Princess Ballerina Combo

Ages: 5-6 year olds
Description:Themed monthly lesson plans allow your dancer to grow in skill and confidence in both Ballet as well as Tap. Each dancer will receive a individualized skill chart, and certificate of achievement at the end of the month. Parents are invited in on the last class of each month to attend a special performance.

Hippity Hop

Ages: 4-6 year olds
Description:Introductory level hip hop class. Age appropriate movement and music will encourage your yong dancer to have fun major FUN with this upbeat and rhythmic class” No costume purchase necessary.

Kidz Tumble

Ages: All Ages
Description:Introduces the young dancer to the fundamentals of tumbling, flexibility and strength training

Beginning Level Ballet/Tap/Jazz

Ages: 6-7 year olds
Description:This class focuses on building Ballet skills through barre and center work. Turns, leaps, progressions in Jazz, and more complex Tap steps.

Boys Hip Hop

Ages: All Ages
Description:The name says it all. This class all about the BOYS!
About: Prestige is dedicated to taking your child’s love and passion for dance education to the next level. Try one of our many specialty classes for that next level training!

Strength and Stretch

Ages: Classes for 6-9, 10-12, and 13+ year olds
Description:Miss Kristal’s specialized syllabus. This class is all about improving a dancers own personal flexibility and strength in a safe and encouraging environment. Over stretching can lead to injury. We focus on a blend of several techniques we have put together over years of training. We focus on a wide variety of techniques, such as Keri LeGrand’s stretch and strength building, and many more!

Musical Theatre

Ages: All Ages
Description:Dance, Sing, and Act in this all-inclusive class series. Instructors will explore Jazz and Tap techniques, combinations, and progressions through a wide-variety of broadway shows.

Tumbling/Acro Levels

Ages: 1-5
Description:Our certified instructors follow the acrobatic arts syllabus, in conjunction with their years of professional expertise. Classes are designed to improve overall flexibility, strength and control in a safe environment. Consent waivers must be signed prior to class start date.


Ages: All Ages
Description:Various modern techniques are explored in this class including, but not limited to, Cunningham, Lamone and Graham. Contemporary dance is not a form of technique. It's a genre associated with a philosophy and exploration of different natural energies and emotions. Dancers will learn to explore a variety of styles and movement for movements sake.

Hip Hop

Ages: Classes for 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, and 13+ year olds
Description:Today’s music, put together in an upbeat, funk style dance class. Designed to build rhythm, musicality, coordination and endurance. All age-appropriate music and costuming.

Adult Series

Ages: Adults of All Ages
Description:Classes are available for Zumba, Tap and Barre fitness.

Other Classes available

Ages: All Ages
Description:Progressive Ballet Technique, and CLI the virtual experience!
About: Prestige offers over 5 levels of graded technique in Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Turns and Leaps, and Strength and Stretch.
Notes: $80 Showcase Costume Fee. Deposits due by November 1st, and remaining balances due by February 7th.

Levels 1-5 Graded Technique

Ages: All Ages
Description:These classes are designed for serious dancers ages 8 and up who have a strong passion for dance. Classes are available in Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Advancement is based upon correct placement, skill mastery, and instructor recommendations. On average, a student can expect to spend two-three years at each level. Students will receive annual skills tests in each designated technique class. Typically, ages are broken down by 8-9, 10-12, and 13 and up.

Pre Pointe/Pointe

Ages: All Ages
Description:Pointe technique is included in our regular ballet technique classes. Pointe dancers will need to register for 2 graded technique ballet classes. Due to safety reasons, several factors are consider before dancing en pointe. Instructors will determine pointe placement.
About: Recreational classes are available for the dancer who wishes to focus on fun and exercise only. Classes are offered 1 night a week in shortened time frames.
Notes: $65 Showcase Costume Fee for Technique. $65 for Lyrical and Hip Hop. Deposits due by November 1st, and remaining balances due by February 7th.

Pre-Teen Technique

Ages: 8-11 Years Old
Description:Ballet, Tap, and Jazz in a 1.5 hour combination class.

Pre-Teen Lyrical/Hip Hop

Ages: 8-11 Years Old
Description:30 Minutes of Lyrical, and 30 minutes of Hip Hop.

Teen Technique

Ages: 13+ Year Olds
Description:Ballet, Tap, and Jazz in a 1.5 hour combination class.

Teen Lyrical/Hip Hop

Ages: 13+ Year Olds
Description:30 Minutes of Lyrical, and 30 minutes of Hip Hop.