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Are you looking for an established, award winning dance academy for your dancers? How about training with true dance professionals, many of which have received college degrees in dance? At Prestige Dance Company our training is aimed to ensure that every dancer reaches their fullest potential. We are building dancers with technical excellence and provide many performance based opportunities.
Through the competition experience, dancers are given a wider view of the dance world and the possibilities within it. Competitions provide exposure to parents, students and faculty alike to new styles, techniques and choreographers. Being a competition team dancer also gives positive goals for students to work towards. This ensures that the studio as a whole does not become stagnant and is continuing to grow and learn.
While we love to compete, we believe technique must come first. Dancers are continuously showing improvement within their own training techniques and abilities.​​
Many of our PDC members have went on to receive FULL college scholarships in dance, danced and competed for major universities and community colleges, as well as major in dance and theatre. Our students have also gained acceptance on professional level dance companies.

A Message From Our Director

What sets us apart? Every person has a different goal for their dance training. Here at Prestige Dance; you can choose the level of involvement that is right for you! Prestige is a home for those who wish to dance for fun and grow in skill, as well as those who are working to train to the highest levels! All of our classes are taught by well rounded, educated, caring instructors who specialize in dance technique. Many students have gone on to receive college degrees in dance and performing arts, dance and compete on collegiate dance teams, become members of professional dance companies, and even pursue dance as a career. Teaching is our passion, dancing is our love. Please check out our site for more information on our studio, and let us know if you have any questions!"

Kristal Venters

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